Toi, Nishi-izu

Free Your Mind to Nourish Your Soul
in a Quiet Town Far From Home, Colored in Green, Blue and Orange

LOQUAT is a place where you can feel the treasure of Nishi-Izu. Enjoy precious time of your life feeling the light and wind of Nishi-Izu. Pamper yourself at a former mansion of Japan. The culinary pleasure is offered with cutting-edge Italian cuisine, gelato, and freshly baked breads. Indulge in white Loquat Spa Treatments bringing out the inner energy, and the Kura Bar... The extraordinary stay is limited to only two groups a day. Free your mind to nourish your soul in the beautiful Nishi-Izu area.

The Former Residence of the Suzuki Family

The Suzuki family had been a renowned landlord for generations starting from the Edo Period. Their huge contribution to Toi through the shipping business of Amagi charcoal via sea route has been well told over many years.
The Suzuki family and their residence have contributed to the local community and been loved by the people of Toi. We strive to extend the charm of this special place to many people for years to come.


The fruit of white loquat is only found in Toi during early summer season. It is dense and mellow, soft as skin, and must be handled gently not to be damaged. Because of this characteristic, white loquats are almost never seen in markets outside of Toi. It is a fruit that is based in this community and nature. We have named our hotel with the same name, having the symbol of the pride of this town.

It is a 60-minute drive from JR Mishima Station, or a 40-minute bus ride from Shuzenji Station.

Stay at the old history.

Discover the Unique Charms of Nishi-Izu

We offer special moments, experiences, and a lifestyle yet to be known. The four seasons enjoyed here will set your mind free and nourish your soul. This is the most heart-warming experience you can have in the world now. The stay where you can find something new in a brand-new day awaits at LOQUAT. It is a luxury accommodation consisting of two spacious guest rooms in traditional Japanese kura and a villa, available to the maximum of only three groups a day. Your private concierge will be taking care of your needs.

A former mansion has been turned into a modern accommodation without changing its aesthetics. In the terrace, there is a wide, ensuite open-air hot spring bath of Toi. Find yourself as part of history, spending time as you like and as you might never have imagined. Somewhere and sometime in the beautiful Nishi-Izu area, experience ichigo-ichi-e, meaning once-in-a-lifetime encounter with something special... whether it be the beach, sunset, starry night sky, or history.

What we want to offer is more than luxury, but a true value. At LOQUAT Nishi-Izu, be unhampered from the busy daily life, and feel the true "valuable thing". The night and day spent here giving you a chance to realize what is truly important -- that is what we offer at LOQUAT.

the Second Kura (Ni-no-Kura)

This is a renovated, historical sigle story kura, or a traditional Japanese warehouse erected by rich families and merchants. In the terrace with the view of white loquat trees, you can indulge yourself in a hotspring from the source with sun loungers situated alongside. The guestroom is designed to offer spaciousness of a single-story building, but also provides a contrast with the raised floor in the bedroom, creating different zones for the change of time in a day.

the Third Kura (San-no-Kura)

San-no-Kura, or the Third Kura is a two story high kura warehouse with unique characteristic of the earthen walls. The wide and inviting living room on the first floor has a void with exposed beam from the old days, and the second floor has a feeling of a secret base with over a century-old lava of Izu. The wide terrace with an ensuite open-air hot spring from the source can be used as another living room to maximize your stay.

villa SUGURO

Three minutes by car from the Main Building, the former Suguro residence has been converted into a luxurious villa exclusive to one group of guests per night. Our over 180 square meters guest villa features two bedrooms, a living and dining room with a kitchen, a reading room in the attic, and an open-air hot spring, as well as a hammam bath. We also offer in-suite private chef and bartender experience exclusive to the guests of Villa SUGURO.

  • Amenities

    treatment oil, soap and tea with the extract of loquat leaves, complimentary cotton bag dyed of loquat branches, Moraltex towel and bathrobe, audio-player, hairdryer, portable TV, refrigerator, kettle, air purifier, umbrella, shampoo, hair-conditioner, body soap, body towel, slippers, pajamas, toothbrush, cotton swabs, razor, comb, glass, coffee cups

    Available upon request:
    facial kit, charging cable, wine cooler, iron and etc.

  • Included In Your Stay:

    • Italian course dinner and breakfast at Takeru Quindici
    • Welcome amenities
    • All-you-can-eat fruit gelato of Izu, specially made by Gelato & Bake SANTi
    • Variety of freshly baked breads from Gelato & Bake SANTi
    • Mini-Bar, including craft beers of Shizuoka Pref., soft drinks, mineral water, sparkling wine, and Shizuoka green tea
    • Small gift exclusively made by LOQUAT Nishi-Izu
  • Property Policy

    Number of guestroomsThree guest rooms; two kuras and a villa reserved for a group of guests each
    Check In3:00pm
    Check Out11:00am
    Age PolicyOver 6 years of age for Ni-no-Kura and San-no-Kura; any age is welcome for Villa SUGURO (Minors must be accompanied by responsible adults within the entire facility)
    PetsNot welcome
    SmokingLOQUAT is a non-smoking facility, including e-cigarettes and heated tobacco products.
    Ways of PaymentCredit cards (JCB/VISA/MASTER/AMEX/DINERS), various e-money

TakeruQuindici / LOQUAT

The Blessing of the Earth, Water, and the Sun, Enjoyed in Nishi-Izu Surrounded by Mountains and the Sea

In the quiet evening hours of Toi after sunset, we have splendid dishes filled with the charms of Nishi-Izu and more than 50 selections of Italian wine ready for you. The restaurant is situated in a traditional Japanese building of tiled roof with the family emblem of the Suzukis. We welcome casual lunch visits to special dinner occasion curated for everyone's convenience.

Business HoursLunch, 11:30am - L.O.2:00pm / Dinner, 6:00pm - L.O. 8:30pm

Takeru Quindici

By creating Italian cuisine that reflects pure flavor of the local ingredients, it would allow us to contribute to the local community. The dishes made of fresh and fine ingredients colorfully expresses nature's blessings of Toi, Nishi-Izu. Ever since Takeru Quindici was established in Kamakura, it was the chef's dream to start another restaurant in a historical location. Enjoy your meal at an elegant yet relaxed atmosphere where time runs differently than usual.

Our Finest Ingredients

We design our dinner course with the faces of our guests and the fresh producers who deal with the harsh and changing nature every day in our mind. Therefore, we don't have a fixed menu. Taking a vegetable that comes right out of the farm as an example, we would like our guests to directly feel the nature of Nishi-Izu of that moment, and that day.

Tasting Nishi-Izu

The expert chef best utilizes his superlative skills to bring out the natural flavor of the ingredients. The way of using fire and salt is the key. He takes several times to have the meat or fish cooked. The handmade natural salt is used as an accent to enhance the umami and the sweetness. The vegetables of Izu, seafood of Suruga Bay, and meat grown freely on farm grounds serve for the culinary pleasure. Indulge in your dining experience in our course menu consisting of local ingredients along with simple yet refined sauces with a modern flair.

Takeru Toyama

After starting his career as a chef at age 30 and working in several French and Italian restaurants in Hayama, Takeru Toyama went to southern Italy to brush up his expertise. Takeru Quindici of LOQUAT Nishi-Izu started in 2021.

Junji Ozeki

After studying under Shinji Harada at age 25, Junji Ozeki worked as a chief chef at an award-winning restaurant Aròma-frèsca in central Tokyo. In 2021, he became the main chef of Takeru Quindici at LOQUAT Nishi-Izu.


A Memory of a Bite Enriches Your Life

SANTi all began when the chef tasted a shockingly delicious gelato during her dream trip around the world. Her sense of mind toward the environment, community, appropriate agricultural practices, organic animal welfare had been shaped by encountering many important people in her life. "Slow and well made" means understanding and appreciating the true taste of seasonal and local ingredients. If the gelato of SANTi which came from a special memory or bread and pastries inspired by an encounter to someone/something could help make someone's life a little better, that would be the best. We believe in making and offering something real so that it would become a special memory for someone.

Business hours10:00am - 4:00pm /all day for guests staying at LOQUAT Nishi-Izu

Our Gelato

SANTi began in hope to let people of Japan know the true taste of gelato you can find in Italy. By eating our gelato, we would like you to feel the rich changes of seasons in Izu. We offer various seasonal flavors as well as our popular standards.

Specialty Gelato

At SANTi, we change our menu by the season so that the best flavor can be offered at the right time of the year. The ingredients are purchased from the closest fresh producers in order to contribute to the sustainable local activities. Our gelato is completely free of artificial preseratives, flavorings or colorings, and truly recommendable for little kids to eat.

The Bakery

The incredibly tasty croissants and orange juice that the chef experienced in southern France during her trip around the world still feel unforgettable. We bake to offer the tastiness of the memorable town that bears similarity to the landscape, nature, and the feeling of people in Izu, by putting our hearts into what we make.

Specialty bakery

The breads and pastries at SANTi are mainly baked with Japanese flour, in pursuit of tastiness. We use ingredients such as butter, oil and water that are all completely safe to eat. Each piece is baked with care using natural yeast. As with our gelato, we choose to purchase from the closest fresh producers to be part of the circular community.

Aiko Matsumoto

The owner chef of SANTi. Ms. Matsumoto has won second place at the Gelato World Tour Yokohama in 2019 with her Kamakura raw honey and rosemary gelato. She has also been chosen as the top 100 gelato chefs in 2020 by Gelato Festival.

Aoi Horii / Tamayo Yamashita

Aoi Horii is a huge fan of Toi who had been visiting the area for over a decade. She moved to Toi when SANTi opened its shop. Tamayo Yamashita is a baker who absolutely loves ice cream and bread. Identifying herself with the taste and vision of SANTi, she plays a big part in its creations.

The Blessing of White Loquat
Gently Awakening the Positive Energy within Your Body

"Bringing out the inner energy to enhance your immunity." Our rare white loquat treatment program has been prepared to bring out the inner beauty coming from yourself. Enjoy the ultimate relaxation brought to you by our expert technique with the treatment oil blended with the white loquat extract of Toi, Nishi-Izu. The Spa space is all yours so that you can relax during the treatment and the cup of tea at the end of our service without any other guests around.

the Extremely Rare White Loquat Oil

From ancient times, white loquat leaves have been appreciated as remedies for stress relief, diuretic effect and improvement of allergies. At our salon, we use generous amount of treatment oil blended with the white loquat extract of Toi, Izu. Its effectiveness is known for improving metabolism, stiff shoulders, back ache, skin condition and losing weight, as well as reducing swelling and preventing skin disease.

Relaxation and Refreshment

The all-hand treatment using the natural and botanical essential oil blended with the white loquat extract eases the tension in your muscles, improves the flow of blood and lymph as well as gets rid of waste product in your body. It also balances the nervous system and hormones, enabling your natural healing ability to be enhanced. *Note: It is not a medical treatment.

Harumi Nitta

Beauty advisor of white loquat. Representative of the natural healing salon mimosa. Ms. Nitta became independent as an aromatherapist in 2005. She has been involved in the project of White Loquat Voluntourism with an NPO of Izu City. She is also a certified aroma instructor of JAA, or Japan Aromacoordinator Association, and an aroma advisor of NARD JAPAN, Natural Aromatherapy Research and Development Japan.

Tourism by bicycle.

Nishi-Izu Explored on Bikes

An excursion starting from LOQUAT is quite easy to make. There are many little cute places a little too far to walk, but easily missed out from a car. Your visits can be at a shrine remaining quietly, a small fishery port located in between cliffs, or the top of Mt. Daruma with a splendid view of Mt. Fuji and a hot cup of coffee. The rental e-bikes can make your excursions easily accessible. Feel free to call us about reservations and prices.

Toi-town specialty online store

Nishi-Izu Enjoyed with Local Food

At a local specialty market Arigatou, fresh producers/grocers of the area bring their fresh vegetables to the store each morning. From freshly picked vegetables to seaweed and tokoro-ten, a kind of marine plant-based food, or pudding only made of egg yolks. Oil and soap made of white loquat leaves are also available. The location of the main store is in front of Matsubara Park. We also have secret recipes that have been handed down for generations in Toi, upon request. Feel free to visit our store.